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JAKI Desktop Stackable Dinosaur Series

JAKI Desktop Stackable Dinosaur Series

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🦖🦕 Desktop Stackable Fun Dinosaur Series: Bring Dinosaurs to Your Desk

Bring a prehistoric touch to your desk with our Desktop Stackable Fun Dinosaur Series. Featuring six delightful designs, including "Money-Savvy Tyrannosaurus", "Foodie Tyrannosaurus", "Fiery Little Volcano", "Curious Triceratops", "Shy Triceratops", and "Proud Tyrannosaurus", each dinosaur doubles as a functional desktop accessory.

🔍 Detailed Specifications:

  • Material: ABS
  • Building Blocks Type: Mini Blocks
  • Quantity of Blocks: 100-200
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Ideal for: Dinosaur Enthusiasts, Desk Decor

🦖 Money-Savvy Tyrannosaurus: Stash your savings in style with our Money-Savvy Tyrannosaurus, which doubles as a coin bank. Watch as your coins disappear into the depths of its hungry jaws!

🍔 Foodie Tyrannosaurus: Keep your snacks close at hand with our Foodie Tyrannosaurus, perfect for storing small treats and goodies. Its appetite for snacks is as big as its roar!

🌋 Fiery Little Volcano: Unleash your inner fire with our Fiery Little Volcano, which serves as both a desktop ornament and a storage container. Keep your trinkets safe and sound within its molten depths.

🤔 Curious Triceratops: Frame your favorite memories with our Curious Triceratops, which doubles as a photo frame. Let this inquisitive dinosaur guard your cherished snapshots with pride.

😊 Shy Triceratops: Keep your desk tidy with our Shy Triceratops, which transforms into a bookend or pen holder. Its demure demeanor adds a touch of charm to any workspace.

😼 Proud Tyrannosaurus: Make a statement with our Proud Tyrannosaurus, a stylish addition to any desk. Whether used as a decoration or a storage container, its regal presence commands attention.

🎁 Perfect Gift for Dinosaur Enthusiasts: Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or special occasion, our Desktop Stackable Fun Dinosaur Series is sure to delight dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages. Add a touch of prehistoric charm to any desk or workspace with these playful dinosaurs.

Add a dash of Jurassic flair to your desk with our Desktop Stackable Fun Dinosaur Series. From storing coins to framing photos, these delightful dinosaurs are both functional and fun! 🦖🦕

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